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SEO Do’s and Don’t: 4 Simple Tips To Boost Your Rankings

Want to learn about SEO Tips to boost your website rankings? SEO has changed over the past couple of years as search engine algorithms have become more sophisticated. For the most part, this is good. It has improved the overall user experience, ensuring that spammy or weak content websites don’t rank high on search engines.

To ensure your brand stays on top of your SEO strategy, you should hire the best SEO and digital marketing agency in India and let them implement below-listed 4 Do’s and Don’ts for modern-day SEO.

Do’s of SEO

  • Focus Your Content Around Keywords
    • First, ensure your title (and Meta title) are relevant to the content or keyword. When a user searches on Google, you have only 55 characters to impress them before Google cuts your title short. Best SEO experts in India believe this won’t be a problem as long as the initial 55 characters of the title are engaging.
    • Make sure your content is simple and highly relevant to your topic. Trying to place irrelevant information generally won’t help your SEO experts efforts.
    • Moreover, search engine algorithms are now able to understand the context and conversational language. This simply means you don’t need to repeat an exact keyword or phrase; rather, we highly recommend using keyword variations such as long-tailed keywords and keyword expansions.
  • Optimize Images for SEO
    • While putting all forms of media on your website, make sure you label, tag, or add alt-text to them so that they’re more visible to search engines. It doesn’t need to be a long description. Many brands tend to add a long-tailed keyword to an image since it can make a difference.
    • Once your content and images are traceable, search engines can understand more about the type of information your content offers to users and, if it is relevant, your SEO consultants in India can increase your rankings.
  • Use Analytics to Measure Performance
    • Before you start writing content for your brand, make sure you asked digital marketing companies to prepare a list of keywords you’re trying to rank for. Utilizing keyword analytics is an imperative way to inform this decision. You can use Hubspot, Alexa, Moz, or Marketo.
    • Our tip: Try ranking for relevant phrases to your business but have a low difficulty score – meaning that there will be fewer businesses competing for them. Generally, specific, long-tailed keywords result in the best conversions.
  • Use Relevant Links
    • When using links, consider quality over quantity. Too many links in your content will look spammy; however, a couple of relevant links to key internal web pages and 1-2 external links will tend to benefit your SEO experts efforts.
    • When placing internal links, make sure you link keywords you want to rank for and only link to a web page once. Placing multiple links on the same web page won’t increase your SEO ranking. Yet, it’s less likely to harm your SEO either, so if the link enhances the user experience, then go ahead as long as you are utilizing different anchor text every time.
    • Remember, the most influential links direct users to your most important web pages, such as the homepage and product pages.
    • Surprisingly, a recent study has found that even using external links to credible websites; can boost your SEO. Just ensure the link opens a new tab, as you don’t want to direct users away from your website.

Don’ts for SEO

  • Don’t Stuff Keywords
    • You should include keywords in your content a few times to boost your chances of ranking in Google. However, don’t go too far with it. If you stuff every paragraph with keyword after keyword, Google won’t respond nicely.
    • Keyword stuffing involves over usage of keywords in order to obtain higher rankings. This tactic is known as the black hat SEO strategy since it goes against Google’s guidelines — thus, avoids using it.
  • Don’t Use Shady Link Building Schemes
    • Any link placed in the content to manipulate a website’s ranking in Google search will be considered as a part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This incorporates any behavior that manipulates links directing to your site or external links leaving your site.
    • These types of links include:
      • Comment spam in Blogs
      • Article directory links
      • Hidden links (similar to invisible text, using the same color font as the background)
      • Buying expiring domains
      • Link farms
  • Don’t Use External Linking Too Often
    • Google dislikes the usage of too many external linking. So when Google finds out the use of any external links on your website, it might consider these spam links, or you are just one of those directory websites.
    • It’s been stated that using unnatural ways of linking will be penalized by Google. So, again, don’t overuse external linking but you can opt for Linking Building services from reputed SEO companies in India.
  • Don’t Neglect Responsive Design
    • None of the other SEO tactics work if you only apply them to a desktop format. Given that users spent nearly 70% of all time on mobile. Thus, Google has announced that they will prioritize mobile formats over desktop ones.
    • In other words, a site that is not optimized for mobile won’t get any chance of ranking higher.

Implement The Best SEO Tactics Today!”

Now that you have understood the basic do’s and don’ts for SEO, you can start implementing them into your digital marketing campaigns.

Still, if you’re not sure how to make the most of them, contact Sedulous – A Professional SEO Experts in Ahmedabad today. Our teams of SEO experts can help you optimize all the SEO do’s and revamp your entire SEO strategy for the best outcomes.

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