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build a reliable brand

How to build a reliable brand image of your small business

Given a chance to get one for free, which company’s Smartphone would you choose?

Whichever company have you picked—why have you picked that particular one above all?

“It’s the best Smartphone available”—NO, that might not exactly the right answer.

Beyond what you may think, the answer very well could be ‘branding’!

The company that you chose may have shaped its brand in such a way that equals its products to the best in the market—even when the product may not be as much of an outstanding piece when compared to others in the same category.

Going Beyond the Generic Definition

In generic terms, branding is a marketing practice of creating a name, symbol and design that identifies and distinguishes one business from the competitors.

However, in recent times, this definition has taken a slight shift, now crunching terms like trustworthiness, reliability, and longevity in it. Branding has spiraled to different components of marketing. Neil Patel calls brand name as the “best SEO hack you’ve got”.

Meaning to say, if you want your products to stand out in the crowd, you should invest big in branding. And to brand your small business around quality and high goodwill, you have got to pull the strings of various marketing components together.

Trust us; it is much easier than what it may look like. Few simple steps can totally change the game for you. Here’s where to start…

Do A Content Blitz

The first step is to let people know about your business existence. So do a content blitz for that. It’s nothing but releasing a ton of contents in a very short period of time.

The basic aim is to grab your audience’s attention by constant exposure. You do that and you can easily attract many prospects to your small business. Even when people do not directly engage with your brand, they would know about you. And that isn’t too bad for the starters. (Plus, you can easily attract them with your re-targeting efforts!)

Create different types of contents and distribute them on various relevant platforms. If your articles, images and videos are good, your half battle is won already.

Tell A Story

Marketing Guru Seth Godin has said, “The brand is a story. But it’s a story about you, not about the brand”. And it couldn’t be truer. Take any renowned brand or successful individual—they all have a story to tell that connects with their audience and convert them effectively.

In fact, in recent times, storytelling has emerged to be one of the leading elements of any marketing effort. You have got to tell your brand’s story to your audience—who you are, what you offer and why do you even exist in the first place. If done correctly, this could create a bond between your business and the audience, which can then elevate your brand image in their view.

So after grabbing everyone’s attention, the next step is to connect with them by means of storytelling.

Turn Your Audience into Brand Promoters

Once you have a good following of audience who not only identifies your brand but also trust it, it’s time now to leverage their reach. You have got to use their emotions towards your brand to push your business goals. How you do that? By turning them into brand promoters!

This could be a tedious step and would really depend on where your audience is on the customer’s journey map. But if you consistently push them the right contents, engage them in meaningful and interesting talks—all these efforts can easily trigger Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOMM).


That’s it! These are 3 simple steps how you can build a reliable brand image of your small business without spending extravagantly in the marketing department.

Go ahead, try it yourself! Prepare for the first step today.

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