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Flutter App Development

Build High-performance, native-like mobile apps with Flutter

An Expressive, High-Fidelity, and Revolutionary Framework to create Next-Gen Android and iOS Applications from Single Code-Base.


Best Flutter App Development Company in India

We understand the significance of having a visually unique brand identity that serves as an extension of your company. Every iOS, Android, and web app created by our Flutter developer is the exact replica of the brand it represents. As a leading flutter app development company, we ensure that all of the Material Design & Cupertino components we are using in your apps are 100% customizable to provide your users with a Native replica application on any platform they use.
As a top Flutter app development company in India, the USA, and European regions, we offer scalable, quicker-to-develop apps with great native experience to users globally with our best-in-class flutter app development services.
If you’d like to start your project with an industry-leading Flutter app development company, Sedulous is the way to go. Our skilled Flutter app developers can assist you in creating feature-rich, scalable mobile apps that meet your business needs. Hire our Flutter developers today!

What You Get ?

Expressive and Flexible UI

Expressive and Flexible UI

The user experience is critical for any business. Our Flutter development team understands this and uses Flutter's main potential to build intuitive UI.
Scalable and Future Proof

Scalable and Future-Proof

We take app scalability seriously. Our Flutter developers in India create a strong architecture to ensure that your app runs smoothly, even under high-traffic conditions.
Native Performance

Native Performance

Our Flutter app developers hand-code Dart and incorporate Flutter's widgets for cross-platform compatibility, resulting in a native performance of 60 frames per second on both iOS and Android mobile platforms.
Quick and Test-Driven Development

Quick and Test-Driven Development

As a reputed Flutter development company, our mobile app developers in India work with a specified test-driven process and leverage Flutter’s debugging and inspection features while building apps.
Improvisation & Security

Improvisation & Security

As a leading Flutter development company, we adopt a test-driven approach to building a bug-free application while authenticating data security and transaction encoding to ensure the security of your app.
Up to 50% less testing

Up to 50% less testing

We write approximately 50% fewer automated tests because we can create the same tests to run on iOS and Android platforms, reducing the demands on our QA team.

Why Choose Us?

Sedulous assists businesses in creating a high-quality cross-platform app to improve automation and process management. Hire our skilled Flutter app developers to build enterprise-level mobile apps. Want to know why you should partner with the incredibly reliable and outstanding Flutter mobile app development team?

Flutter Specialists

Our team has gained hands-on experience developing the best Flutter apps with quick turnaround time while ensuring they are aligned with the latest industry trends and best approaches.

Industry-wide Experience

Having leveraged Flutter’s reactive framework since its inception & deployed apps across the app stores, we’re known as a trusted Flutter development partner who delivers intuitive apps across industries.

Integrity & Transparency

We value your ideas and vision, provide you with every small project detail regularly to maintain complete transparency, and consider your valuable inputs as needed.

Quick Support & Maintenance

Our highly experienced team will help you with troubles of any complexity level, from workarounds and bug fixes to security audits and application enhancements.

Flexible Engagement Models

Instead of working on unwanted rigid and strict parameters, we offer complete flexibility to our clients to choose from a broad range of engagement and hiring models.

Blazing Fast Time to Market (TTM)

We understand the time sensitivity of your business. Therefore, our systematic and collaborated mobile app development process includes faster and on-time app development and delivery.

Why is Flutter the best option?

Complete with a rich widget, framework & tool, Flutter comes with remarkable perks which allow Flutter developers to develop outstanding apps for iOS and Android platforms in record time. Here’s why you should choose Flutter for a fantastic app development experience:
Single Codebase
Flutter's single codebase enables developers to write only a single code for both iOS and Android platforms.
Proprietary Widgets
Flutter provides several widgets that help build apps that adhere to Material Design guidelines.
Flexible UI
Flutter provides customizable widgets that can be used for making agile and flexible UI.
Fast Development
Flutter's hot reload enables you to experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs quickly and easily.
Saves Cost
A single codebase implies coding just once, which results in cost savings of up to 40% when testing, building and handling multiple apps.

What Our Clients Tell About Us

You’ve Questions? We’ve Answered for You.

What kinds of apps are possible using Flutter?
We at Sedulous can create apps for any category utilizing the latest hardware and software capabilities, such as geolocation, camera, and so on, using Flutter.
Can you convert my existing Cordova mobile app to Flutter?
Indeed. As a top Flutter development company, we can transform your existing Cordova or other cross-platform frameworks into a Flutter app.
What are the advantages of working with a Flutter application development company?
Working with a reputable Flutter development company guarantees that the mobile and web apps are tailored to your specific business requirements. Among the benefits of our Flutter expertise are the following: • Outstanding app performance • Reduced time-to-market • Lower development costs • Project completion on time • Quality Assurance for User-Friendly UI • A deeper grasp of the various platforms • Expert developers are available. • The most recent technological stack • Work according to your preferred time zone
What is the cost of developing a Flutter app?
The cost of Flutter app development is dependent on your needs. But don't worry, the cost will be lower than you anticipate. Flutter apps are less expensive than Android and iOS development since they operate on both platforms. Book a free consultation with one of our mobile app experts to know more.
What are some examples of fantastic Flutter apps?
Many of the world's most successful firms, like Google, Alibaba, Reflectly, SpaceX Go, Stadia, and Coach Yourself, have leveraged Flutter to create cutting-edge mobile apps.

Our Recent Works

Our clients have successfully built feature-rich applications with the help of our dedicated
Flutter developers, bolstering their business growth and increasing sales. Here are a few
recent projects that we enjoyed working on…

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