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6 Common UX Design Mistakes to Avoid When Developing an App

Creating a successful mobile application requires you to perfect a ton of significant features. UX design is the way your application will be communicating with end-users. It basically covers all the aspects of the design process of achieving and integrating of product, incorporating the promotion of the product, guaranteeing it to be in the usable form and its functionality.

To gain success on an ideal mobile application accompanies a responsibility to create an application with all the relevant and significant features. UX design is the way how the application will communicate with the app end users.

It’s the determining factor that could either make the app successful or flop it; that’s one reason why you should partner with a reputed mobile application development company in India such as Sedulous who give utmost attention while designing the application.

Common UX Design Mistakes to Avoid

There are many mobile apps available in the app store today. Hence if you’re looking to launch one of the competitive products, all you need is to buckle down and provide a convincing and optimum experience to the users instead of losing your hopes to the increasing competition.

So now, let’s look at the common UX design mistakes you need to avoid while a mobile application development process is running.

1. Complex Interface

All the popular apps have one thing in common – they offer a highly simplistic interface. However, keep in mind, the consumers of today live a highly fast-paced life. Thus, they need solutions that work seamlessly and quickly.

The users will abandon an app if it is too complicated for them to navigate. Therefore, when developing an app, think about its features. Understand whether the navigation and the features provided have a special purpose. Ask your app development services team “Can you design it in a simpler way?” If yes, then redesign it.

Airbnb is one app that excels because of its navigation and interface.

2. Disappointing First Impression

Many people compare the experience of an app by using it the first time. You make impressions in split seconds.

If the application fails to impress users from the get-go, there are minimal chance users will accept it. In fact, according to Andrew Chen, nearly 77% of users end up abandoning an app after just three days of downloading it. So, unless you have an exceptional onboarding experience, your app won’t stick long in the user’s phone.

You should include a friendly onboarding guide if the app is complicated. However, make sure that the onboarding is not very long.

Try anything but make sure don’t overwhelm them with lots of information. Instead, divide it into a step-by-step guide or gamify your app for better retention.

3. Overlooking Compatibility with Other Apps

If you don’t test how your UX solutions are behaving on a live device with other apps installed and running, you might oversee memory usage issues or unexpected crashes.

4. Poor App Architecture

The foundation of the app is more significant than its outward experience. Therefore, creating an application’s architecture before entering the mobile app development solution stage will enable you to link each step with the bigger picture you aim to create.

Map out the user flow and the map structure before worrying about the aesthetics. Keep the industry demands and your consumer’s desire in mind when making the process flow.

5. Spammy Push Notification

According to Invespcro, an average smartphone user in the US receives around 46 push notifications in a day. Moreover, 31% of users don’t find them helpful at all.

Let’s face it. Nobody likes getting too many notifications from the apps. So while the promotion of your application is essential, make sure you avoid spamming.

Here as well, you must strive to discover the balance between not being spammy and too absent. For example, do not send random news via push notification. Rather, notify them of things that matter to them, whether new updates or news about their usage.

6. Inconsistency in Design

Seldom do businesses realize that branding isn’t just in physical products or websites. It’s everywhere. According to Forbes, consistent branding can boost revenue by 23%. Moreover, this is true for apps as well.

Regardless of whether it be a color scheme, template, or font, make sure that each page of your mobile application is consistent. Consistency can boost familiarity and give recognition. It is one of the essentials of a smooth and seamless app user experience.

Ending Remarks

Try to avoid these basic UX design mistakes when you start your mobile app development journey. Always hire experienced app developers to do the best job for you. Sedulous is one of the leading mobile app development company in Ahmedabad. Our highly skilled app developers are well versed in the best practices of app development.

Partner with a reputed mobile application development company in Ahmedabad to design your app faultlessly. After all, there is no space for errors in a world of perfection!

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