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IoT and App Development – Shaping Present, Changing Future

Imagine your Air Condition adjusts its settings on its own, to effectively suit your exact body temperature, just soon as you enter your home after a mile-long run. And then it further regulates its heat as your body temp changes.

Isn’t that something cool? Yes, unnecessary and too extravagant but cool, right?

That’s somewhat how our future looks like where the real and virtual world blends together to provide you higher convenience and a better lifestyle. In the above example, the AC and the smart wristwatch (or band), both integrated to your Smartphone, exchange data in real-time and then function independently without any manual handling.

Indeed, in the hype of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Internet of Things seems to be a bit lost. However, in a cohesive ecosystem where each technology is connected to each other to feed data concurrently, there would certainly be a time, in imminence, when IoT and AI would function co-dependently. However, this is not to say innovation in IoT has slowed down in any way.

The way to a smarter world

If anything, courtesy of selected startups, in particular, Internet of Things has come a very long way in recent years, upgrading the app development domain to new heights. Whistle app is one of the finest examples here. It’s a “GPS location & activity tracker for dogs and cats.” You hook a smart belt around your pet’s neck and then get a live location and activity data directly on Whistle app. Taking pet care to a whole different level!

There are many similar apps, functioning on the same protocols but in different niches, providing unique and diverse solutions. Wearables like smartwatches are a very common example. The device functions in sync with a smartphone and transmits data back and forth. We now have smart shoes, as well as smart clothes that are developed to track your health and provide you with useful data to make correct decisions.

Limitless Possibilities

Not just in the fitness segment, IoT is fast emerging in different niches like social, automotive, logistics and, most importantly, home automation. With the power of mobile apps that are super aggressive in collecting data, using your phone, you can call in a ride, turn off lights in your living room by sitting in your office, get prescription meds without even visiting the doctor, connect to strangers based on location, and even change the mood of your playlist depending on the weather.

Now isn’t that all very fascinating?

App development in the ‘IoT powered world’

Of course, expected to pack super-features and facilitate seamless data exchange, today’s mobile apps greatly differ from their old counterparts. With the functions they perform, developing them has become a challenge, if you are to make an app that’s highly efficient and very secure. For this purpose, in recent times, many dedicated IoT app development companies have come up on the scene. The existing ones have upgraded their forte, advancing their methodologies and expanding their teams.

Indeed, when looked at its full potential that promises a completely automated world where reality and virtual blur with fine exquisiteness, IoT has a long way to go. With the pace we’re moving, it will take us some time to get there. But if the current start-up ecosystem persists and we get more than a handful of lifestyle entrepreneurs and visionaries, we sure can fuel our speed easily.

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