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Insights into AR VR and their impact on SEO

AR stands for Augmented reality, and VR’s full form is Virtual reality. Though both are interrelated, but they are far different from each other, which is worth explaining. Both concepts are undertaking tremendous growth and seeking a lot of media attention these days. Before knowing the difference between them, it is essential to understand the brief definition of AR and VR.

What is AR?

Augmented reality is a technology created to add digital information on an image of something with an enhanced version of the truth. This technology is used in the apps of tablets and smartphones. The apps under AR use your phone’s camera view of the actual world in front of you, then putting a layer of information including images or text on top of that view.

What is VR?

Virtual reality is a technology to create a simulated environment. In other words, it is a recreation of a real-life situation or a computer-generated simulation. It engrosses the user by making them experiencing a stimulated reality first-hand, especially by stimulating their hearing and vision.

AR versus VR: A brief comparison…

AR and VR are inverse reflections with what each technology strives to accomplish and deliver for the user. Augmented reality offers virtual elements as a veneer to the real world. Whereas, Virtual reality provides a digital recreation of a real-life scenario.

While AR adds something to the current reality, it does not let us move elsewhere as it augments our current state of presence with clear visions. On the other hand, VR will leave you blind to the contemporary world but will expand your senses and experiences within you. Users report a feeling of movement and state that it is quite dramatic- whether they are riding a rollercoaster or ascending a staircase within the virtual environment.

In a simple statement, Virtual reality is just like you were doing scuba diving and augmented reality is like you are going to an aquarium.

Let us understand a few benefits of VR technologies-

1) Virtual showrooms: With the use of this technology, manufacturers can display their products in virtual showrooms. Also, it helps them to deliver life-like user experience and saves space too. E-commerce apps also offer virtual try room experiences to make sure shoppers try the garments or could see how a part of furniture would look in the room.

2) 3D vision: VR-based apps also drive customer engagement because they are proficient of delivering great experiences along with a 3D view of all the products. With the help of this, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Thus it can lead to an increase in their conversions and profit.

Also, let us see the benefits of AR technologies-

1) Transparency: With the help of AR-based applications, entrepreneurs can showcase their products and services in a better method by delivering a poignant visual experience to the customers.

2) Data delivery: AR aids the companies to present the significant data of the products in a real-time. The large, context-based data could also be showcased in the form which is very engaging content.

3) Training: AR apps and the devices serve as a beneficial and simulative-training means for the employees. It also makes sure high-tech training that eventually enhances their productivity and efficiency as well.

As you are well aware of what AR and VR is, their difference and benefits, also let us understand if it can impact SEO as well?

Both AR and VR makes SEO impact better, without a doubt. As they make it possible for the users to scan mobile phones and can get information about any business in their area. The data comprises of everything- be it pictures, reviews, and ratings. So, it makes the customer search easy and straightforward. Not only this, but customers can also find you without any trouble.

The trend of AR and VR is growing every year and it is been used in many industries, so providing AR content can help in improving the search ranking. If you really want to stay on the top in the search engines, then you need to keep an eye on augmented and virtual reality trends. SEO marketers use various kinds of visuals to improve their search ranking. So, it is beneficial for improving and getting yourself on top ranking in the search engines.

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