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Features and Significance of Laravel

Features of Laravel-

From the past decade, you have got many new choices or options with elegant solutions to embed PHP codes or to combine directly with the web frameworks. Laravel is one of those new options which is a significant and an excellent choice to work through.

Laravel is a PHP based framework and is best known for the ultimate support in web development. This PHP framework is secure, reliable, as well as faster for developing web applications. Here are some of the features of Laravel which will let you know more about this framework-

Database Structure

Laravel development companies in India use object relational mapping (ORM) with database structure to organize information and data. The information is managed in tables with objects having a definite relationship with each other. It allows the developers to display and resolve complex relationships for user queries. Not only (ORM), Laravel also has the option of data query. This creates a possibility of inconsistencies within queries and return null results because of the discrepancies between Query Builder and Eloquent ORM.

Built-in Modules

Laravel’s framework is designed with built-in modularity features. The developers are allowed to divide a project through the bundle into small modules.

API building and template engine:

Laravel comes with a robust template engine like blade. PHP programmers optimize the performance of the web applications by manipulating and enhancing views through blade template engine.


Laravel’s framework is easy to maintain. This feature is convenient for enterprise builds that will change as per the time and as the company evolves. Most of the developers find Laravel easier to work with.

Model view controller (MVC)

Laravel’s MVC is massive and well documented. Its pattern speeds up the design because codes can be developed by the developer for current projects and they could reuse it with others without the need to rewrite.


Laravel provides the authentication class feature which facilitates the developer to implement authorization rules and authentication.

Programming Paradigm

Laravel is Component-Oriented.

Significance of Laravel-

Renowned companies like Union, 9GAG, Geocodio are using Laravel. Laravel is not only considered as an efficient PHP framework for web development, but it is taking the PHP community by storm. It has many benefits as now the PHP developers could experience the most popular server-side language of the web. It is used to build apps using simple yet expressive Syntax.

There are many PHP frameworks in the industry, but among all of them, Laravel is considered one of the most reliable and significant web applications development for the organizations. Let us find out some of the benefits of Laravel-

Improved performance

It provides an excellent performance of the web apps. It comes up with the tools like Redis and Memcached that accelerate the web apps performance. These tools also need to be integrated with the framework while the web apps are being developed and things get easier for the developers, which leads to the enhancement of web performance.

Highly secure

Due to the increasing cyber attacks these days, you need a framework that safeguards the web apps. Laravel does not allow any security threats or malware activities to enter within the web app. Choosing Laravel would also ensure your web app is risk-free from any hidden SQL injections.

Schedule task configuration

All the web applications need a task scheduling mechanism for managing the tasks. The command scheduler of Laravel allows fluent and expressive defining of the command schedule within the framework itself.

Fix numerous technical flaws

As the process involves many vulnerabilities in security while developing any web app. Before the delivery, a developer must be able to fix any technical defect. Laravel does not provide any room to any kind of glitch as it acts as a shield against all the dangers. The code on which Laravel is based is guarded and the code is vetted by many individuals. Laravel has a developer-friendly code. Moreover, multi-lingual apps are created through Laravel very easily.

Substantial authentication

One of the challenging situations for a web developer is developing authentication of web apps.  Laravel is designed to create certain web app functionalities quicker and in a better way. It also creates logic behind providing access to the authorized users.

Database Migrations

Laravel helps in the migration of databases. These migrations further help the developers to effortlessly undo the changes made to the database. These databases can now be shared with the other developers smoothly, with the use of Laravel.

So, hire a Laravel developer in India and avail all these advantages for your organization.

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