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What makes a good business logo?

Crafting a memorable and effective business logo is essential for brand identity and recognition

Take any successful brand, for example. Their logos, while once meant for branding purpose, today synonyms trust and credibility, bringing them big business at no marketing investment and effort.

You see a “swoosh” on an activewear and you unconsciously confirms its quality without any second thought. You want soft drink; you see a “smiling globe” on the bottle and carelessly gulp down the drink without doubting its quality.

This is the power of good business logo.

It isn’t just a graphic to go along with your brand name. If invested in well to nourish it, this small piece of visual can turn into being an identity of your business, becoming the single most influencing factor behind your company’s success.

5 Benefits of Having a Beautiful and Distinct (and Thoughtful) Logo

1. Easy Branding

Logos are the integral part of branding strategies. A striking logo is easy to remember and carries a clear message of the brand, highlighting its vision and standards.

2. Consistency in your message

Consistency in message is a secret ingredient behind successful marketing campaigns. A logo brings uniformity here, carrying the same message on every display.

3. Better recognition

Our brain process images 60,000 times faster than words. A unique and attractive logo improves brand’s recognition across channels.

4. Highly scalable

Scaling a business is much like climbing stairs, one step at a time. A good logo builds strong ground for the company, in terms of recognition, to scale its operation at minimized risk.

5. Competitive edge

If a logo is thoughtfully and inimitably designed, and then fostered well, it automatically stands out the crowd, edging competitors easily.

3 Secrets behind Impactful Business Logo

Did you know that 33 percent of the top 100 brands use the color blue in their logo?

Yes, while the logos of top companies vary – widely – they share some common features that make them outstanding. Here are 5 contributing factors that make a logo good and impactful:

1. Color is the Key

Colors affect us on our subconscious level, swaying our moods and emotions. Hence it is very important to pick the right logo color. For example, blue invokes the feel of professionalism and trustworthiness, red says energetic and bold, yellow signifies optimism, and orange says creativity and friendly.

2. The ‘KISS’ Mantra

‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ is an important mantra to remember when designing your logo. The most popular logos are insanely simple – be it that of Nike, Facebook, Microsoft, McDonalds, Flipkart or Amazon. So don’t go overboard. Bring out the creative beast inside you and come up with simple and meaningful designs that are easy to remember.

3. A Smart Story

Check out Unilever’s logo. What looks to be random images in the alphabet ‘U’, they are very meaningful, highlighting various aspects of the company. Like the recycle icon means sustainability and lips imply beauty and taste. So whatever is your design, make sure it underlines the vision, drive and ideas of your brand and business.

These are the legs of a tripod, that is, a beautiful and powerful logo that symbolizes company’s standards, performance and long-term commitment.

Given so much is involved here, do away from the DIY practices. Hire professionals logo designer to design not just a logo—but a sustaining future of your business.

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