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How Good Is Your Mobile Site Importance of Responsive Web Design
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How Good Is Your Mobile Site? Importance of Responsive Web Design

Nowadays, there are so many different sorts of devices on the market. And, the current market study shows that mobile internet usage will grow even larger in 2022 and increase by 16% from 2020. This would mean that the number of mobile internet users will overtake the number of desktop users.

A responsive web design enables a website to wrap and adapt to the current screen size. If someone opens your website on a smartphone, it will appear vastly different from the same page on a desktop computer or a laptop. The site automatically reformats the web page to give users a better experience suited to their device.

A Responsive Web Design Company also considers the interaction, which will make your site easier by acknowledging and integrating things such as touch screen and unique mobile aided navigation.

If you’re a newbie to the web design and development world, you might be wondering why responsive design is essential. The answer is pretty simple. Designing a web page for a single device is no longer feasible. Mobile web traffic has already surpassed desktop traffic and now accounts for more than 55 % of overall website traffic.

Here are some of the significant pointers to highlight the importance of responsive web design by a prominent Web Design Company in Ahmedabad – Sedulous:

Enhanced User Experience

  • User experience is essential to website owners. You want users to like your site and make it easy to use to convince them to come back.
  • If a user visits your website on a mobile device, it might take forever to load, or your pictures do not have the appropriate resolution, which can make your company appear unprofessional.
  • However, with responsive design, you can provide a superior user experience and help convince people to partner with your company.

Better Search Indexing

  • On April 21, 2015, Google announced the mobile-friendly update that stressed the crucial of having mobile-friendly site pages for ranking better on the search engine. A web page that adopts best practices such as high text readability without taps, enhanced spacing of tap targets, etc., have a higher chance of ranking in Google searches than their competitors.
  • We all know how crucial it is to rank high on search engines! This point only makes responsive design one of the essential parts of the Responsive Website Design Service process. Google updated (named Mobilegeddon) emphasis on the below-listed pointers:
    • Mobile searches
      • Mobilegeddon works just for mobile searches. There are no top issues for non-mobile-friendly websites for the searches through laptops and desktops.
    • Global update
      • Factors such as the location of the website server, country of origin, website language, etc., don’t matter since the update is applied across the globe.
    • Page Based Mobile Friendliness
      • The algorithm also focuses on a single web page that appears in the search results. If the web page is not mobile-friendly, it may appear in the latter pages of the search results.


  • Choosing a responsive website instead of a two-version simply means maintaining and updating only one website. This will save you time and finances to make the single version of your website even better and more efficient.

If your website design is not yet responsive, it is high time for you to look for a reliable Responsive Web Design Company to redesign your website to a more responsive one. A website is like the digital face of your business, and making it friendly, accessible, and flexible is a basis you shouldn’t go without.

Reach out to Sedulous – Responsive Website Design Company India and see how we significantly improve your website’s SEO, conversion rate, and user engagement rate.

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