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2022 Web Design Trends to Inspire Your Next Website Project
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2022 Web Design Trends to Inspire Your Next Website Project


Web design is all about looking into the future. The digital domain can offer innovations in animation, interaction, and overall immersion every year.

Typography carries a lead role, and live animation is reaching new heights. Meanwhile, visual styles run the gamut from mind-bending high-tech to whimsically handcrafted.

All in all, 2022 is planning a diverse and experimental entry in the digital annals. Here are the four innovative web design trends for 2022 from the leading web design company in Ahmedabad – Sedulous.

Top web design trends for 2022

Here are a few trends in web design we as a leading web designing company in Ahmedabad, India anticipate impacting in the upcoming year.

Typographic hero image

As the first part of a website visitors see, the hero image should make a statement. The highly skilled web designers from web design services India are taking that idea to heart with typography-led hero images.

These hero sections decrease or eliminate imagery to let the message carry the weight of the first impression. Instead of coming across as bare, these hero sections stand bold in simplicity. They require attention just like a captivating news headline. Moreover, they deliver an excellent showcase for some tasteful, innovative lettering styles.

Engaging interactives

As a leading web design company in Ahmedabad, we’ve seen sites build-up animation showcases to technologically creative heights. While these have largely played a role in hero sections and page transitions in the past, we expect more web design agency in Ahmedabad to adopt large-scale animated interactions.

These engaging communications go beyond scrolling which can be fairly passive and enable more meaningful engagement with the page, such as swiping, dragging, and clicking. It also creates remarkable experiences that leave the visitors feeling more like investigators, vigorously poking and prodding the page to uncover its mysteries.


The brutalist had an eye-catching outcome. It is like the key to which a self-aware honesty is elevated by its own bareness. Yet for 2022, as a web design company Ahmedabad, we expect to morph into a more tranquil and less extreme version—basically, Neo-brutalism. This matches the rawness of brutalism with the restrained tastes of minimalism, making websites that work for less experimental clients and avoid the pitfalls that led to architectural brutalism’s eventual downfall.

App-like experiences

This is just a front-end-driven web experience that is extravagant from a design perspective and is a whole new way of utilizing the web that hasn’t existed before. The world has gotten used to applications, where animation, interaction, and dynamic experiences are the norm. The essential next step is bringing that energy to websites and creating more impactful experiences there. However, new tools like no-code for site building interaction-focused designs are effortless.

Here at Sedulous – Top web design company in Ahmedabad, we love to take an old site that you’ve grown tired of and turn it into something that truly encapsulates the cutting-edge uniqueness of your brand.

If you’re looking to build a new web design Ahmedabad, India that will engage users and lead to more conversions, then reach out to Sedulous today to set up a meeting, where we will talk about your business objectives and how we can implement them into your new site.

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