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Accelerated Mobile Pages

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source program having a motive to make the web better than before by working on eradication of the previous imperfections and shortcomings associated with a web. It works on a conception of web addresses and enables the creation of websites and ads that are consistently fast, and beautiful. In simple words, it facilitates smother and rapid loading to users.  AMP pages are mere web pages that can be managed and linked by you.  AMP is backed by many platforms and is attuned to the browsers.

Benefits of Mobile Accelerated pages

  • AMP flourishes fast-loading web pages: We all love speed especially while browsing web pages in Mobile. Users hate to see buffering and often skip a great content page as nobody loves to wait. Quickly accessible page imbibes user’s attention to the next level by turning him to increase the conversion rate. It is therefore vital to have a quick mobile browse page and AMP simply confirms that.
  • Content marketer’s boon: AMP augments mobile browser visibility as Google displays its AMP results through an organic listing. AMP symbols, in green, can be seen by you and with attractive results, you can get more clicks. As a result, mobile search engine users will get more habitual of looking for AMP plug-in pages as these pages are fast to load in comparison to old type mobile pages.
  • It improves mobile search engine rank: We all know the connection between loading speed of site and conversion rate. Users would prefer to buy products and avail services of fast loading page resulting in a higher conversion rate. As AMP is not effective for desktop pages and with the drawback of AMP working for mobile page only, it cannot be used as an independent ranking factor. So pages created with AMP are more likely to get higher rank in Mobile result pages.
  • Flexibility and support: The main purpose of developing a website or blog is a money making but distractions in your mobile such as sidebars, pop-ups, header image, and navigation menu can reduce the expected conversion But AMP aids in abolishing disruptions on your mobile browse page facilitating an influx of money from ads.
  • It flourishes Simple User tracking:We should know the mode and reason for traffic on site as sending traffic is not enough for mobile browser page. Tracking assists in understanding the platform from which traffic came, pages viewed etc. AMP makes easy to procure information about tracking and performance of sites as it is an analytical tool.

AMP has various features that support all type of mobiles for smoother and rapid loading for the users. Let us have a look at some more features of AMP

  • It assists all Google accelerated Mobile pages tags and its constituents.
  • It enjoys Google Tag Manager support.
  • You can now see product image thumbnails on AMP Product Pages.
  • Concerned products and top- sells on AMP Product Pages.
  • It automatically develops AMP pages for home, product, CMS and category pages.
  • Built-in aid of Google Analytics and Google Rich Snippets.
  • With it, you can install AMP plugin on an existing store.
  • AMP product pages signify item size input.
  • Permitted navigation, catalog hunt, and sort by the function are available on AMP pages.
  • Force AMP on all sorts of mobile devices can be used by Admin to exhibit AMP pages to visitors opening your store on mobile or tablet browser.
  • AMP supports Full Page Cache.
  • It is attuned with Varnish/ Turpentine.
  • Customers can directly upload their product reviews as well as can view on AMP product pages.
  • It supports YouTube videos display.


AMP HTML is HTML that ensures unswerving performance with few limitations.  It is an elementary version of HTML with some bespoke features.


The AMP JS project guarantees high-speed AMP HTML pages.

3. AMP Cache

The Google AMP Cache is useful in tracing cached AMP HTML pages.

It is a human tendency to know the benefits first as we all believe that more the benefits, more is the introduction useful. Thereby, we bring you benefits of AMP to enable you to understand how it can get you results as fast as the speed it offers. Let us see how it can turn advantageous for all of us:

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