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Website Glow-Up Essentials What to Keep in Memory When Redesigning a Website
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Website Redesign Checklist. Points to consider when Redesigning a Website

Website Redesign Checklist

Two words can make even the most veteran of marketer’s shudder. When executed correctly, a website redesign can enhance the user experience and transform it into one of your most profitable sales tools. However, when short-cuts are taken, and steps are skipped, a website redesign can quickly go off the rails, costing your valuable time and effort and ultimately doing more damage than good to your marketing efforts. But do not let these high stakes scare you. Here are some essential points to consider in our website redesign checklist.

Website Redesign Goals

Before you make some quick changes to your website, you have to decide which aspects and features need to be changed.

Specifically, you have to set goals for how well your website works for SEO and marketing purposes, not just how delicate it looks or how flashy it is.

Users choose a simple website that works seamlessly for them. A website packed with decorative code and visual features will surely face issues. All those things might frustrate the visitor, which is the last thing you want to do. When you work with Sedulous, we’ll help you through this process.

Sedulous is a reputed web development company in Ahmedabad that aims to provide an exceptional experience through cleaner, more intuitive design.

Improved Website Functionality and Performance

One of the fundamental things for starting is to perform an in-depth audit of your current website.

Successful website redesign from a reputed IT Business solution provider will have an improved visitor experience. So, don’t just focus on making your website prettier; make it easier to use. Include some accessibility features such as captioned videos and detailed alt text for images.

A thorough audit will provide you a birds-eye picture of all your assets and deep insight into what’s currently performing well on your website and what is not.

Planning an ideal user journey will help you start thinking about how people actually interact with your website, from a first-time visitor to convert into a qualified lead.

Website performance influences functionality, so your redesign must address issues such as poor responsiveness on mobile devices, slow page loading times, security vulnerabilities, etc.

Contents Strategy for a Website in 2021

To keep getting new visitors, original content is must-have. Over 60% of site visitors feel positive towards the company if they see fresh and unique content that reflects its values.

Hiring the best content writer in Ahmedabad for making your content ensures you’re constantly finding opportunities to educate your visitors.

A simple yet helpful exercise is to see how well you’re educating visitors is to brainstorm the top 20 questions you constantly hear from buyers about your product or services. Make sure you’re giving answers to all those questions on the pages on your new website.

Moreover, look for opportunities to incorporate the following in your content:

  • Self-selection tools
  • Rich content such as ebooks, whitepapers, and buying guides
  • Social proof such as customer reviews, testimonials, and case studies
  • Video tutorials

These are powerful assets that can be used to educate and inform your prospects and keep them moving through the buying process.

Remember, Preparation Is Important

That’s our complete website redesign checklist! It’s not always simple to follow it by the book, mainly when there are time constraints or tight deadlines. However, following it accurately can assist in making your new website the traffic driving, the lead-generating machine you’ve always wanted.

Looking for guidance on the website redesign journey, the best web design company in Ahmedabad, like Sedulous, can help.

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