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Don’t Have A Business Website? Here’s What You’re Missing

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Don’t Have A Business Website? Here’s What You’re Missing

India is in the mix of digital transformation. Its current internet user base of about 375 million is expected to cross the 829 million mark by 2021. Meaning, 59 percent of the country’s population will be online in the next 5 years, in particular, thanks to the growing penetration of smartphones in the rural areas.

Even with this trend in full stream, many business owners are still lagging to keep up.  While on the global scale 60 percent of small businesses lack a digital presence, according to a recent survey by Godaddy, India trades worse in this average. 63 percent of country’s small businesses don’t have their own websites. Quantitatively, this figure is awfully big, given India has the second largest base of Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMEs) in the world.

Do You Own A Small Business?

Having A Website Is A Website Is Essential

No business is too small to have a website.

Even if you sell limited products and target just the local market, you must have a digital presence. There’s no way around this. More and more people are looking up to web to find products and services – not necessarily to buy but to “find” – in their own localities.

If you have a simple static website, imagine how easily you can grab their attention and outdo even the most successful of your local competitors. Add to this the growth potential that comes with higher recognition and more sales—is that not incredible?

5 Benefits of a Website for your Business

1. Higher Discoverability

Regardless your target audience, they are Google-ing businesses like you. When you have a beautiful website, decently optimized, it automatically manifolds your discoverability to hundreds and thousands of new prospects without costing you your life.

2. Improved Credibility

When people find your brand on web repetitively, it triggers their psychology. Even if they don’t buy from you immediately, your business does leave a lasting impression, which then pushes to become your credibility. Prospects start trusting you.

3. Competitive Edge

How many of your competitors have a business website? None? One? Two? You can easily outdo them both in terms of recognition and revenue with a presence on the digital space.

4. More Sales

Now more people are discovering your business. Your brand is enjoying higher recognition and credibility. To that, you have edged all your local competitors. Unsurprisingly, all these will combine to boost your sales and amp your revenue.

5. Expansion Opportunities

Did you ever wanted to scale your business to new heights? Of course you have! With a nice, responsive and attractive website by your side, you can easily expand your operation and infrastructure without any capital problem. Since you’re making big sales already, funding would be far from being a problem. To that, even break-even point would be quick to crack.

Add to the line of these benefits, few disadvantages as well. One of the most evident drawbacks of not having a website is your business doesn’t qualifies to be a legitimate entity. Even with great offerings, it fails to grab the deserving acknowledgement—and often is undervalued in terms of market standing.

So… still looking for reasons to have a business website?

Contact any renowned website designing and development company and take your first step today. There are just too many benefits to not to venture this path. To that, the current scenario makes it essential to have a business website.

The set rule for SMEs is pretty clear— Evolve or Perish. Which one do you want to do?

    Start the collaboration with us while figuring out the best digital solutions based on your needs.